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Cheddar’s Caters

Fresh, quality food for your next event

It began as a simple idea.

Founders Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers envisioned an inviting neighborhood restaurant offering hand-made, high quality food at a reasonable price. They wanted their guests to feel valued and respected. And their were determined never to compromise these basic fundamentals.

Their dream became a reality in 1979 when Cheddar’s opened its doors in Arlington, Texas, starting a tradition of quality that guides us every day. We’re especially proud of our menu, including home-made favorites that are still prepared the same way, in-house and from scratch. We are also proud of our great team. They are attentive and dedicated to taking care of our guests each and every day.

At Cheddar’s, our goal is to live up to that original, simple idea: be a great restaurant that serves quality food fresh from the kitchen in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at a fair price.


We’ll cater the casual cocktail party around your pool, the over-the-top 50th anniversary celebration for your folks, or the intimate-dinner soirée for forty of your closest friends.

We believe that using the freshest ingredients produces the best results. We are tireless in staying abreaste of the latest food trends. Simply put, we exist to make your vision a reality.

We understand how crucial a catering partner is to the success of any event and we take pride in flawless execution. From your initial call for a proposal, to follow-ups after your successful event, our goal is to provide you with excellence in catering.